Tunas Sawa Erma Helps Papua Women in Vegetable Farming

By 13 September 2018 January 16th, 2019 TSE News


PAPUA – PT Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE), an oil palm company operating in Papua continues to participate in improving the welfare and economy of people in the remote area of Papua. One of the efforts being done is by helping encourage the indigenous people of Papua (especially Papua women) to farm vegetables. In addition to be able to meet the needs for vegetables, this effort is hoped to be able to provide extra income for families.

Previously, TSE has provided equipments to people in Aiwat Village, Subur District, Boven Digoel Regency. This time, the vegetable cultivation program is being improved to reach various locations in Boven Digoel Regency and Merauke Regency.

The land that has been worked on and planted with vegetables since August 2018, now can be harvested and enjoyed by people. The first harvest on this September 3rd 2018 was participated by the Managing Director of PT TSE, Mr. Yi Jong Myeong, along with the CSC/CSR Team of TSE. Various kinds of vegetables were planted on the plantation area, such as kale, mustard greens, eggplant, spinach, and sweet corn.

Not only provided a land for vegetable farming, TSE also provided vegetable seeds and direct counseling on vegetable cultivation. Therefore, it is hoped that this support will be able to improve people’s welfare and economy. In addition, the direct assistance is also hoped to motivate people to be more enthusiastic in utilizing land and to educate proper farming

“The company hopes that the community farming cultivation can really support their economic activities, so they can live independently and prosperously,” said Martin Pare as the advisor of the farmers group consisting of mothers in Camp 19.

The cultivation program was definitely welcomed with full enthusiasm by the people. The farmers group also expressed gratitude for the assistance and guidance given in the vegetable cultivation activity.

“We thank the company for paying attention to us and teaching us farming. We hope the farming produce will be able to improve our economy,” said Keristina Kawap, the Farmers Group Coordinator in Camp 19. According to them, the vegetable cultivation also helps mothers to fill everyday activities with beneficial things.

A positive response and full support were also shown by the Agricultural Service Office. Kusaeri as the officer from Agricultural Service Office from Boven Digoel Regency stated that the Agricultural Service Office will always be ready if they need technical help in conducting the vegetable cultivation program. The Agricultural Service Office also participated in providing seeds of eggplant, chili, and spinach. (tse/pr)

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