TSE Receives Padmamitra Award for Concern for People’s Health

By 1 November 2018 January 16th, 2019 TSE News


jpnn.com, JAKARTA – PT Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) received a national level award from Padmamitra Awards 2018 for category Remoteness Management.

The General Manager of TSE Mr. Ha Sang O appreciated the government’s step for giving attention and appreciating TSE’s role in the field of health. “This proves that our dedication to improve health in the border area is also felt by the surrounding community for a healthy Indonesia,” said Mr. Ha Sang O.

Padmamitra Award is the highest award given by the country to the business world for the contribution and attention to the social conditions of a community. The assessment on the performance of the award recipients is done directly by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Social Affairs along with Forum CSR Kessos.

TSE is one of the national private companies in the field of oil palm plantation operating in the border areas on eastern Indonesia, which is Boven Digoel Regency, Papua.

Among the other nominees, TSE won an award in remoteness management through the health service program for the community in the 3T (frontier, outermost, and least developed) regions. TSE is considered to have been consistently contributing with high dedication in providing health services through the implementation of various Social Contribution (CSC/CSR) programs in the field of health.

Operating in the Papua regions near the Papua New Guinea (PNG) border area, TSE saw that the people living in the remote area are having difficulties in gaining access to healthcare. Therefore, TSE took the initiative to bring health services closer to the community. One of its efforts is by building a modern clinic called Asiki Clinic.

Asiki Clinic has become the center of health services for the community with a total of 14,000 patients. Being awarded as the Best Clinic at Papua and West Papua Province level by BPJS Health, Asiki Clinic continues to provide the best healthcare facilities with professional medical personnels reaching out to the people in 3T regions.

Asiki Clinic medical team also conducts a routine mobile service by directly visiting the community in various villages to perform free health examination and treatment, as well as distribute Supplementary Food (BMT) and vitamins to babies, toddlers, and expecting mothers.

Not only that, Asiki Clinic medical team has been cooperating with local Posyandu (Integrated Health Service Post) to provide immunizations for children. The medical team is doing a cross-sector collaboration to hold a mass measles immunization activity.

In addition, the clinic is also having a concern towards parents and expecting mothers, by providing facilities to expecting mothers, labor and delivery gift, homecare, and other health services.

The health counseling provided by the company is also an effort to raise the community’s awareness of the importance of clean and healthy living. This health education is being delivered at schools, from kindergartens to high schools, and also the wider community through interactive talk shows broadcasted on Asiki FM Radio.

“May this award become a motivation for us to keep developing and providing the best health services for the people here,” said the Manager of Asiki Clinic dr. Firman Jayawijaya.

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