COVID-19 Pandemic, PT TSE Assists People’s Economy in Getentiri Village

By 16 June, 2020 TSE News

Boven Digoel – The impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic is not only felt by urban communities, but also by communities in villages, as experienced by the community in Getentiri Village located in Jair District, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua, who felt their income continues to decline during the pandemic.

Seeing this condition, PT Tunas Sawa Erma POP B (TSE-B), a business division of Korindo Group operating in Papua, had the initiative to donate to the people, especially the ones in Getentiri Village so they would be able to remain productive and increase family income.

“This time, the assistance provided by TSE-B was in the form of fish seeds and vegetable gardening tools to be later optimized to increase the family income currently being constrained due to the outbreak of COVID-19,” said the General Manager of PT TSE-B, Mr. Sunman Kim at the end of May 2020.

The assistance was given directly by the General Manager of PT TSE-B to 3 recipient groups, namely Andreas Namagi’s group, Antonius’ group, and Secilius Barue’s group.

The company’s assistance and goodwill were received by people in Getentiri with joy. The Clan Chief of Kahong II, Andreas Namagi from Getentiri Village expressed his gratitude to the company which has always been paying attention to the people in Papua, especially in improving people’s economy and welfare. (*)

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