Tunas Sawa Erma Group has cooperated with the BIOREF of Faculty of Forestry of Bogor Agricultural Institute to carry out the identification and study of HCS and HCV in all palm oil plantations based on some rules and regulations as follows:

  1. The Regulation of Agricultural Minister No. 11/2015 on Principles, Criteria, and Indicators for Management of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil and its revisions;

  2. Indonesian Presidential Decree No. 32 of 1990 on the Management of Protected Areas and its revisions;

  3. Principles and criteria of RSPO in 2013 and its revisions;

  4. Principles, criteria, indicators, and management guide of RSPO Indonesia, April 2016 and its revisions; 

  5. General Guidelines for the Identification of High Conservation Value (HCVRN, September 2013) published by HCVNI 2013 and its revisions;

  6. Management and Monitoring Guidelines of High Conservation Values in Indonesia composed by HCV RSPO Indonesian Working Group (HCV-RIWG) in August 2009 and its revisions;

  7. The Indonesian Law that applicable to the High Conservation Values and Protected Areas; 

  8. Guideline Land Use Change Analysis (RSPO, 2014) and its revisions;

  9. RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedures Related to Land Clearance without Prior HCV Assessment (6 March 2014) and its revisions;

  10. The HCS Approach Toolkit, Version 1.0: March 2015;

  11. The law and other applicable standards of performance issued by the competent authority.

  12. Company finished self assessment of HCV and HCS. These studies are now being reviewed by HCVRN and HCS Approach.  (https://www.hcvnetwork.org/als/public-summaries) and (http://highcarbonstock.org/registered-hcsa-assessments/). Company is also a member of GAA (https://globalagribusinessalliance.com/members-v2).

  13. The company has conservation area, including the HCV and HCS areas. Document assessments have already been done by HCVRN and HCS Approach

  14. Self assessment of HCV has been done on all areas of oil palm plantation owned by company. The quallity review proccess is being done by HCVRN and can be seen on the following website (https://www.hcvnetwork.org/als/public-summaries)

  15. Company is not a member of RSPO. An HCV assessment is done by company voluntarily to ensure a protection towards the protected area according to the applied law in Indonesia.

  16. HCS documents from PT TSE Block A has been published on HCS Approach website, meanwhile HCS document of PT PAL and PT DP is being reviewed (http://highcarbonstock.org/registered-hcsa-assessments/).

Summaries of initial self-assessments on HCS and HCV for Tunas Sawa Erma Group.

(14 December 2016)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP A)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP B)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP C)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP D)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP E)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT Dongin Prabhawa